Pride is a whip. Shame is a shovel.


Pride is a whip in the hands of the arrogant. Shame is a shovel in the hands of the willing victim. The willing victim digs an emotional hole, too deep to climb out and then jumps in. The arrogant, prideful one lashes the willing victim for jumping into the hole. The willing victim accepts the lashing as appropriate and deserved. The arrogant, prideful one leans back and smiles in satisfaction.

In the end, shame will be the great equalizer for those that are unrepentantly prideful.

Pride is a source of false hope. But shame is a source of false hopelessness for the christian, because; “Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.” Psalm 34:4

It is sin to believe pride and shame’s definitions of self. It is humility to believe God’s definition of self. If you truly wish to stop believing the lies, God will set you free unto a Godly humility. You must choose to go there, but only God can bring you.


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