Monthly Archives: November 2017

The spirit of Cain is loosed upon the world.

The latest church shooting brings to mind the story of Cain and Abel. That same spirit of Cain is rampaging throughout the world today. Self-righteous and full of bitterness, this spirit especially hates those who love God. It attacks with murderous intent, employing both word and action to intimidate and destroy all those who reject its beliefs.

The spirit of Cain is unrepentant, always blaming others for its troubles. In Genesis 4:2-8, we observe Cain’s anger when the Lord rejects Cain’s offering but accepts the offering of his brother Abel. Cain lures Abel to a field and kills him in his anger.

Instead of honestly dealing with his anger toward God for rejecting his offering, Cain makes Abel into his scapegoat. His issues were really with God and his own personal ungodliness, but, unwilling to repent he sought relief by expressing his anger at others.

This is the spirit of Cain.