The Christian Clone Ministry

After visiting quite a few Christian churches over the years, there is one thing that I have found particularly unsettling. It is the way so many Christian leaders in public ministry change their way of speaking to mimic the performances of certain other popular media-producing Christians.

They begin to use drawn out accentuation – God becomes Gawd. And many of their sentences end with extended, over-accentuated dramatic flourishes. It often sounds something like “Praise the Lord-uh” or “You just need to Believe-uh.” Sometimes there is even shouting and running back and forth combined with tears and strong exhortations. Is all this theatrical behavior supposed to represent to us that they are truly passionate about the Lord or perhaps that they have a special anointing from God?

Personally, I am immediately wary of any representative of the Lord who is using heavy verbal showmanship in the presentation of their message. I feel as though they are trying to both impress and manipulate me to believe that they are exceptionally Holy Spirit anointed and appointed men and women of God.

I believe that this is frequently an indication of a religious spirit that has infiltrated Christian ministry. What may have begun with all humility and sincerity is slowly replaced by religious performance and theatrical display. The Holy Spirit may very well be moving through them; even doing miracles. But, I also believe that in many cases they have chosen to believe that they must place a garment of performance over the cloak of their Holy Spirit anointing in order to be perceived as possessing a “special anointing” by the people to whom they are ministering. Reinforcing this behavior is the unfortunate reality that many of the people sitting in the pews show considerable appreciation for a good performance!

The primary danger is this: Once we determine to travel down the slippery slope of seeking the approval of man it becomes increasingly difficult to ever return to the straight path of humble service to God. 

Matthew 23:5 “Everything they do is done for people to see: They make their phylacteries wide and the tassels on their garments long…

1 thought on “The Christian Clone Ministry

  1. Dan's Pulpit

    Well said, I would think they would go home at night and look in the mirror and ask, who are you and what one earth are you doing? Thanks for this.


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