About R. Thomas Brass & Jericho Ministry:


A Christian music ministry seeking to nourish, quicken, restore, revive and make whole by the breath of God! Jericho Christian Music Ministry songs are a mix of original praise and worship songs inspired by the Holy Spirit and some new arrangements of traditional Christian music. Some of the instruments used are acoustic guitar when leading songs and congas and harmonica when assisting in worship.
Please send ministry requests through the “Reply” box below.


Jericho Ministry Counseling originally served Minnesota Teen Challenge and Love Lines Crisis Center from 1995 through 2002 and Abundant Grace Church where Tom was pastor in Minneapolis/St. Paul from 2002-2011.

Tom is now retired from counseling.




6 thoughts on “About

  1. "light and salt"

    This is such an important ministry! Sometimes we need the guidance of Godly souls to help us resolve issues in a Godly way. We get so caught up in things we can’t see matters clearly enough to resolve them ourselves.

    Thank you for your visit…

    Steve Pejay

  2. brbearsfo

    Greetings Thomas ! I wanted to stop by and thank you so very much for coming and visiting my blog : Reflections of a Secular Franciscan
    I greatly appreciated your stopping by and reading parts of the blog. It is always encouraging to have other people who are involved in ministry to stop by, not only does it give me time to stop and read about what others are doing like your Jericho Ministry which sounds wonderful !, but also to gives me the opportunity to offer encouragement to other Christian bloggers in their walk. I read some of your posts and was encourgaged by them. Please continue forward reaching souls and sharing Christ with all you meet ! God Bless..

    Mark Banschbach, OFS

  3. jgarrott

    I’m sure you have plenty to do! Being extensions of Jesus’ ministry of healing, spiritually and emotionally ans well as physically, is a major privilege, as well as responsibility. Blessings on you.

  4. The True Light!

    We appreciate your visit to our blog. The very best to you and your ministry here!

    The True Light


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